Quality Policy

”We optimize business processes and choose to get the best results”

Our goals

In our quality policy, clients are at the center of our commitment, as we seek their satisfaction through adaptation of our processes. Therefore it is mandatory for us to know the client and its needs: it is fundamental to focus the attention to the quality of the services provided, that need to be appropriate and evolve according to a changing environment. Our goals:

  • Strengthen relationships with private and public companies as potential users and promoters of the our services and products;
  • Guarantee completeness and correctness of the information provided to the customer in order to support decision making process;
  • Enhancement of client’s image and reputation on the market, with a consistent increase in the number of customers and turnover;
  • Increase motivation within the team through continuous training, transfer of know-how and adaptation of tool and technologies
  • Improving technical quality of performance through continuous monitoring and internal and external audit;
  • Outline decision-making and operative processes aimed at making the different activities effective and economically competitive
  • Obtain the highest level of customer satisfaction while respecting the contractual terms and the shared technical and economic expectation;

In order to achieve these goals, Olomedia focuses on making its activities effective and on maximising “customer satisfaction”, so as to differentiate the company from competitors in the market. Each year, Olomedia management defines specific and shared objectives.