Olomedia: the enthusiasm of the start-up together with the experience of the expertise

Olomedia operates in the Information Technology field and is the perfect partner for private and public companies that want to improve their processes through the use of new technologies. Our mission is to seek partner satisfaction and help them broaden their business through innovative softwares and solutions for an efficient IT and organizational infrastructure management.
In order to meet our clients’ different needs, we are structured in five teams:



We create innovative digital masterpiece such as websites, blogs, apps, Cd-Rom, e-brochure and Kiosk, enhancing contents, texts, audio, videos and animations.


The use of advanced technology and rapid development systems allows us to deliver timely services and reliable, easy to use and adaptable softwares, whose results can be easily monitored.


We take care of the efficiency of the company’s IT infrastructure while you can focus on your business. We provide technical and system assistance (Windows, Linux, Mac), as well as designing, building and maintaining physical and logical complex infrastructures.


We all have been intern in our company.  Our goal is to bring newbies closer to new technologies, through innovative methods, training programs and modus operandi in a sector that is still anchored to stereotypes


We provide sensitive data entry and processing services to private and public companies, and we assure high quality results thanks to our experts and to the optimization of processes and audits.