``The perfect solution for shift, holidays, SLA management with optimization of workload according to current regulation``

General information

oloSHIFT allows you to manage  human resources shifts according to current regolation, employment contracts, tasks, constraints, operational need, SLA (Service Level Agreement) and other needs. Shift are processed automatically thanks to an efficient algorithm that allows to reach 99,8% of optimization rate of hours, workloads and resources to be assigned.

The software allows you to manage human resources records, their employment contract and the assignment to a cost center or capital structure. With oloshift you can manage third parties orders, complaints, notices and different type of requestes, such as control of the entire workflow, transfers, planning allocation and closure.

The order can be associated to departments with related resource and work plans. For each department, different aspects can be defined:

  • Ordinary activities, suspensions, periodical and extraordinary activities
  • Workload and related timeslots
  • Human resources department
  • Monthly working plan
  • Holidays, sick leaves, overtime

oloSHIFT strengths

  • Advanced management of cost centers
  • HR working plan management
  • Facilities management
  • Services type, needs and shift management
  • Hr registry management
  • Holidays and vacation management
  • Management of contract constraints
  • Working hours and workplan management
  • Advanced monthly reports
  • Monthly planning view
  • Workplan printing
  • Requests, complaints and notices management
  • Calculation of monthly and total attendance
  • Replacement
  • Planning simulation
  • Resting hours management
  • Holidays and weekends shift advanced management
  • Weekly adaptability and working hour management
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