oloPS – First Aid

``The best and most efficient solution for medical, paramedical and administrative management for A&E``

General Information

oloPS is the solution for managing and streamlining A&E workflow. It is a web based modular and multi user application.

It allows the A&E department to manage all the workflow, starting from diagnostic, therapeutic procedures and administrative and sanitary agreement, to the outcome of the results of the intervention, keeping track of examinations and consultations carried out in the various departments.

oloPS allows monitoring of the performance and the resources  used during the treatment, with the possibility of producing statistical reports for the control of activities and clinical data through generation of information flows.

oloPS strengths

  • Speed-up of the acceptance process in emergency situations
  • Optimization of the collaboration within emergency department
  • Automation of requests for consultation, examination and administration
  • Clear patient identification in all the documents
  • Compliance with privacy and security standards
  • Standardization of data collection
  • Casualty department’s hospitalization and examination management
  • Selection of protocols for operative processes
  • Optimization of consultation and examination requests process
  • Integration with third party system for exams and reports capture
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