Our developers write codes interpreting your ideas and your dreams

The availability of broadband and raising of computer literacy rate require, for companies that want to optimize their business processes, an optimal management of resources and realization and implementation of customized software for their needs. The team’s goal is to satisfy every requirement of the operational field, analyzing problems and producing effective working tools. The R&D division develops softwares with distributed models, thanks to the use of advanced technologies and systems for rapid development of applications, thus creating reliable, easy to use and scalable software systems. The most important feature of oloDev systems is represented by the usability: softwares are created focusing primarily on the final user and to the graphic layout.


OloDev workflow is distributed in three phases: Planning, Development and Release & Testing. The Planning phase consists of informations’ collection, documents’ compilation, activities’ coordination, time-line and creation of interfaces. The Development phase is carried out through the use of innovative technologies for the development of web-based applications. During the Release&Testing Phase particular attention is given to the products through automated system and tests carried out by our professionals.

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