Users’ favourite solution: online withdrawal of medical reports with advanced integrated alert system

General information

oloREPORTS allows the release of medical reports from a portal linked to the company website:

thanks to the integration with the clinic system, it allows the automatic transfer of medical reports to a server, from where the patient can download the report upon registration and login.

oloREPORTS includes a powerful SMS service, that notify the patient with the availability of the digital copy of the report. The server registers all the data about each and every action taken by registered users and the IP address of the computer from which the download was made.

oloREFERTI strength

  • User-friendly portal
  • Privacy safeguard through elimination of the reports after the download.
  • Easy integration with third party systems
  • The system respects privacy laws
  • Possibility of extracting statistics and reporting
  • Notification through SMS of the availability of the report
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